Dear music-loving friends,

We are finally at the doorstep of the real 1st edition of FestiVita! after the Zero edition of March 2021 for which Vox Luminis, under the direction of Lionel Meunier, graced us with an exceptional online concert. You can still (re)watch this great moment of emotion on Auvio.
Go and see it!

It is therefore with great pleasure that I invite you to this new festival.

Under the somewhat solemn title of Brussels Early Music Festival, we will show you the many facets of our conception of early music practice.

And, as the icing on the cake, thanks to our friends and partners, the discovery of an exceptional architectural site, the Cercle Royal Gaulois in the heart of Brussels, which was once dedicated to ‘great’ music before the construction of the current Palais des Beaux-Arts.

– Oops…! Ancient music’…? Don’t you have to be a connoisseur to appreciate this kind of music?

– Precisely not! We would like to take you away from this idea!

FestiVita! is, first of all, 3 days of concerts for all, accessible and open to discovery as much as to the great masterpieces. Most of the artists are local – which does not exclude a few groups from elsewhere – confirmed or up-and-coming. In addition to this musical programme, there will be a ball that will take you back to the Renaissance.

Secondly, FestiVita! is a rich and varied presentation of concerts, both visually and acoustically. In addition, special attention will be paid to our young audience, with a “family” show and a “parents admitted” show on Sunday morning after a good brunch, as well as a series of activities in school classes aimed at the capital’s less privileged audiences. The latter will also be invited to attend a concert given by the animators themselves on Thursday afternoon.

Finally, FestiVita! offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, an exhibition of surprising and unconventional instruments, a warm welcome from a team of volunteers who are attentive to your needs, the possibility of eating at any time, meetings with the artists, etc. In short, everything that makes you feel immersed in a world of encounters and guaranteed emotions in the heart of building that could be considered a jewel in the crown of Brussels’ heritage!

This new initiative could not exist without the involvement of a team of talented artists, many hard-working volunteers, valuable advisors, competent technicians, collaborators and coordinators who have been fully invested for many years in our various and increasingly ambitious projects: may they all be thanked here and now!

Our thanks also go to our many partners: the Cercle Royal Gaulois, the regional, municipal, national and community institutions, as well as our media and hospitality partners.

It was certainly a great party full of life! So, FestiVita!

See you there,

Michel Keustermans