Marco Beasley & Ensemble

18:00 – 19:00

Family concert

Il Giardino del Canto

Works by Marco Beasley (1957), Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)​, Giulio Caccini (1551-1618), Pietro Paolo Borrono (c.1490- >1563), Vito De Lorenzi (1977), Giuseppino del Bialo (d.1616) et Giuseppe De Vittorio​ (1954)

Marco Beasley is above all a voice from the south of Italy, a feeling of pure happiness, poetry mixed with music, all expressed with a very particular vocal technique and with a natural art for communication!

The programme is a journey to the heart of the Italian Renaissance, with “canzonette”, “frottole”, traditional Neapolitan tarantellas and words of love…

Tarantella is a magical healing practice using repetitive and hypnotic music to cure victims of spider bites, snakes or scorpions (traditionally this was used to explain states of delirium, possession or altered consciousness). The texts are linked to the themes of rural life: love, nature, daily hardships, faith.

The main instrument of this culture is the frame drum, made of a skin stretched over a wheat sieve, often fitted with metal bells. In order to better understand this universe, where we believe can see the last traces of the Greek mystery tradition, we wanted to be accompanied by dance, which is almost always present in the transmission of this music.

Marco Beasley tenor
Fabio Accurso lute
Stefano Rocco archlute & baroque guitar
Mauro Durante frame drums
Lieselotte Volckaert dance


For many years, artists from different backgrounds and locations have come together under the name of Marco Beasley, with the intention of putting their skills at the service of concerts with varied programmes. Stefano Rocco and Marco Beasley met in Bologna in 1979. Their musical friendship has since given rise to numerous projects. Shortly afterwards, they were joined by Fabio Accurso, a master lute improviser. The ensemble has been further enriched by the company of percussionist Vito De Lorenzi, whose drums lend authenticity to the oral tradition repertoire, and the Belgian dancer Lieselotte Volckaert, who combines knowledge of historical dance with grace and interpretive strength in her performance of traditional dances. It can be said that Marco Beasley’s musical eclecticism has led him to explore these repertoires with passion, sometimes leading him to write or integrate poetic texts, with the desire to tell stories: a desire typical of the Neapolitan people, who have made music, speech and song an art of living.